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The next generation of insurance brands.

QMetric Group Limited (QGL) is a new breed of insurance company that combines leading edge technology and innovative underwriting in order to pioneer a better way of providing insurance.

Launched in 2010, QGL’s operations span insurance broking, software design and underwriting across multiple insurance disciplines. The combination of these specialisms allows us to deliver a range of fairly-priced products via a number of different channels, giving customers more flexibility and greater control than ever before.

What we do

We listen.

Our future and existing customers are of equal importance to us. That’s why we make sure that we continually engage with them through conversations, focus groups or feedback. Customer service doesn’t stop at the point of sale, that’s where it begins. Whether it’s a comment on our policies, our service or an idea; if there’s a point to be made, we’re all ears.

And then we act on it.

If it’s a small adjustment to a policy, a change in process or entering a brand new market, if we think we can make things better for consumers, we’ll do it.

Our values

Focusing on the journey as well as the destination.

Insurance is a necessary evil: without it there’s risk of significant financial loss, but when purchased, it’s often hard to see the value in something that can’t be seen or felt. When buying insurance, an individual is buying a promise - that when something goes wrong that company will sort it out.

Our promise is to make the insurance experience as simple, transparent and uncomplicated as possible. Championing the consumer is the foundation of everything we do.

Clear, digestible information so customers make an informed decision and know exactly what they’re buying and what it does and doesn’t cover.

Fair pricing
We work with our insurers to offer competitive prices whether it’s for a basic or a comprehensive policy regardless of whether the customer is new or has been with us for years.
We won’t force customers down a one price renewal route but every year will quickly and simply show all the prices and policies available.
Easy to use website
For information, purchase, mid-policy changes and renewals, and with customers in the driving seat.
Informed experts on the phone
All our employees are Customer Relations Experts, ready to listen and demystify insurance jargon to help customers make the right decision for their needs.

Our brands

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We’re on an ambitious journey and it takes a special kind of person to challenge the norm.

We are not currently recruiting. Thanks for your interest in Qmetric.